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has gone to great lengths to provide the cleanest and safest place of respite for hand and foot care? She opened the first and ONLY Accredited 5 Star Safe Salon in Clarksville Tennesse. She saw a community crying out for a need and she answered that cry with Hygeian Hand and Foot Refinery. Are you curious where she came up with the name? I bet you are. In Greek as well as Roman mythology, Hygieia (also Hygiea or Hygeia) one of the daughters of the god of medicine, Asclepius, and his wife Epione. Hygieia was the goddess/personification of health, cleanliness and hygiene. Hygieia also played an important part in her father's cult. While her father was more directly associated with healing, she was associated with the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health. Her name is the source of the word "hygiene". So with Hygieia (health, cleanliness, and sanitation) being the core of my business practices, it only made sense to use it in the business name. Book your first appointment with us and see what this unique concept is all about!

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