About The Owner of Hygeian Hand & Foot Refinery

I realized my niche in the nail industry when I discovered two advanced courses of education. One schooling was The Medinails Learning Center and the other was North American School of Podology. I ended up taking both courses all the way through. I acquired a Certificate of Completion for a Clinical Podiatry Medical Assistant on one course studies and my Bachelors of Science in Podology (studyof feet) in the other course studies. I also recently became Oncology Trained with a Certificate of Completion through Oncology Spa Solutions. I am alwasy striving for more knowledge on how I can help the people who need me most. Clients who have autoimmune diseases, cancer survivors, clients who cannot care for themselves properly or easily because of arthritis or surgeries that limit range of motion and ability to reach the feet. I want anyone to come see me and NEVER be embarrassed. I may only be able to care for you cosmetically, but I will not abandon your course of care. I will refer you to a proper medical professional when necessary and work in conjuntion to bring your hands and feet back to the best health possible. My place is a safe haven with private rooms and confidentiality in every aspect of your service.

Everyone should be educated on what to look for in their tech who will be caring for the hands and feet. At Hygeian Hand and Foot Refinery, my goal is to give you the most amazing experience ever, while going above and beyond just taking care of the esthetics of your feet. I also concern myself with the function of the foot and making sure I can answer as many questions as possible about how to alleviate challenges you may be experiencing.


Hygeian Hand and Foot Refinery
We take your health very seriously

Not only are the spa tools we use sterilized in a steam pressure autoclave (to surgical or dental standards), you also have your very own box of tools. The best part is those tools only touch you and no one else and I store that box for you.

In addition to sterilization of the metal implements used in your services and the disposable tools that only touch you, we provide soakless pedicures. No more soaking in a bowl that you are unsure is safe! One more potential exposure to microorganisms completely eliminated. This is all to make sure you have the most hygenic experience in our zero gravity chair, in Clarksville and the surrounding communities.

We do a foot examination and evaluate the shape and form of your foot and make suggestions and ask a lot of questions of you to find the best resolution to your daily challenges with your feet. It all starts when you walk in our front door and into one of our private rooms you are directed to. Come see what all the chatter is about town.


But What If You Have Special Problems With Your Feet?
Seventy five percent of the population has a problem of some kind with their feet. These problems can be addressed and treated by a Certified Master Pedicurist. 

The most common problem is ingrown toenails caused by improper cutting and trimming of the toenail. Other problems include fungus growth, blisters and corns, as well as dry, cracking skin. These conditions, if left untreated, can eventually lead to more debilitating problems. With diabetic feet, these issues can lead to serious medical problems requiring the care of a qualified physician. 


Do you know the BENEFITS of soakless pedicures? Did you know you can receive your entire pedicure while lying in a zero gravity chair feeling weightless?
Soaking Pedicure vs. Soakless Pedicure

In short, soakless pedicures are better than traditional soaking pedicures because soakless pedicures are more sanitary and have better nail polish adhesion. If the cosmetic reason of longer lasting nail polish isn’t enough of a reason to like soakless pedicures, understanding the
sanitary concerns behind a foot spa pedicure just might make you squirm and swear off all foot spas.
Traditionally, the mention of a pedicure conjures images of a tub jetting bubbles in front of massage chair. Some might think that taking the tub out of a pedicure is almost the equivalent of losing the “pedi" and the "luxuriousness."
But in reality, losing the soak in the tub keeps your feet healthier and happier.

Soaking Pedicure vs. Soakless Pedicure
Simply put, a traditional soaking pedicure hardly differs from a soakless pedicure. The main difference is the use of a foot spa. Both pedicures have the same results.

Soaking Pedicures

Although traditionally popular, soaking pedicures have been under the magnifying glass recently for the many microorganisms that lurk in the hard-to-sterilize places of the tub. Due to the heat of the water, the foot spa provides the perfect breeding ground for different types of bacteria, specifically Mycobacterium fortuitum. Nothing can replace a foot soak, but you don’t want to replace a foot because some nasty organism took up residence under a toenail.
For non-biologists, Mycobacterium fortuitum is a microorganism found most often in water and soil. It is a fast growing bacteria that causes infections, such as local skin disease and osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bone).
Of course, pedicure tubs are often sanitized. However, these tiny organisms set up house in the intake screens and tubes of foot spas. Bacteria collects and grows in these hard-to-reach areas and form thick layers of cells and proteins that become very difficult to remove.
They can be so hard to remove, in fact, that a study from the year 2000 examined 30 different foot spa intake screens and discovered visible slime and pathogenic mycrobacteria in 29 of the 30 foot spas. That one tub that tested negative for mycrobacteria? It was only 11 days old.

Soakless Pedicures

To combat the unsterile environment of pedicure foot spas, the soakless pedicure method is the natural solution and the pedicure method of choice for professional spas in the know. To ensure a sterile treatment, fresh hot steam towels, and fully sterilized equipment in used on customers.
In the past, diabetics often had trouble participating in the full experience of a pedicure due to the foot spa. A soakless pedicure is a luxurious and clean procedure for every client, making it a great choice for diabetic clients.

At Hygeian Hand and Foot Refinery, the soakless pedicure takes place while you fully reclined in a zero-gravity massage chair. No luxury lost. The benefits of a soakless pedicure just might make up for not having a foot spa full of jetted bubbles and bacteria.

Soakless Pedicure Benefits
1. No reused water: Although a spa might claim to change out the water in a pedicure tub between clients, some water may linger in the tub and contaminate the clean water.
2. Nail polish lasts longer: During a traditional pedicure with a foot spa, the nail absorbs water, expanding and changing shape. Sometime after the polish has been applied, the nail returns to its original shape and weakens the newly applied nail polish. A soakless pedicure places polish on a nail not misshapen by the absorption of water.
3. Cuticles are less likely to peel: Cuticles soaked in water also absorb water. Plumped up in size, the cuticle trim sometimes results in peeling skin a few days later.
4. Soakless pedicures are more sanitary: Complete sterilization of a foot tub is impossible. But, with a soakless pedicure, nail technicians use new, clean towels for every client. Every item used for a soakless pedicure is easily sanitized, ensuring the health of every client.
5. Best option for diabetics: Diabetics are particularly vulnerable to infection. Therefore, soaking feet in a tub of water could dry out the skin of the feet and cause cracking, which might lead to infection. A soakless pedicure skips the foot soaking, making it the go-to for every diabetic.
6, Fits better into a busy schedule: In today’s society, every minute is a precious commodity. Without the foot spa soak, a nail technician can give a client a faster pedicure if needed.
A soakless pedicure, even without the foot spa, can be a luxurious and relaxing experience. With a cleaner reputation and better health benefits, a soakless pedicure keeps your feet happy and your toenails perfect for longer.

What we offer

I, as the owner of Hygeian Hand and Foot Refinery, take my business extremely serious. Anyone who works with me on my team will be required to take advanced education to create more providers of these safe and unique services. We will strive to be the best we can be in our industry and raise the bar on what should be the standard of hand and foot care everywhere.

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With a variety of services to choose from, I am confident that I will be able to meet your every need. Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.