Our wide range of services are backed by industry knowledge and our passion to help clients find solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.

  • person wearing silver-colored ring with black gemstone
    Manicure                        the basic needs

  • e-file nails.jpg
    Gel Polish Manicure        manicure with gel polish 

  • LCN gel.png
    Hard Gel Nail Enhancement overlay of natural nail with hard gel 

  • sandy feet on beach.jpg
    Pedicure                         the basic needs

  • medi pedi.jpg
    Spa Pedicure                   the enhanced version

  • feet-slide1-1.jpg
    Certified Master Pedicure the complete foot analysis and care

  • bs brace.jpeg
    B/S Brace
    a fiberglass strip to uncurl the nail plate
  • LCN Barefoot.jpg
    Toenail Reconstruction
    nail reconstruction for damaged toenails
  • Podosafe.jpg
    a callus & cuticle refinement service

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