Our wide range of services are backed by industry knowledge and our passion to help clients find solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.

  • 219176616_1915824135253436_3067521462005597960_n.jpg
    Manicure                        the basic needs
    $35 and up

  • 251369059_1995548600614322_3445448266536096344_n.jpg
    Gel Polish Manicure        manicure with gel polish 
    $40 and up

  • 268322881_2029706587198523_2685973089764440607_n.jpg
    Hard Gel Nail Enhancement overlay of natural nail with hard gel 
    $55 and up

  • 277006100_2102754119893769_9222173072600827687_n.jpg
    IBX Nail Strengthening

    IBX is the first treatment of its kind, IBX works INSIDE the nail not on top. IBX is penetrated into the upper layers of the nail and cross-links inside the nail to itself creating an Interpenetrating Polymer Network.

    $15 added to any service
    Not a stand alone service
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    Pedicure                         the basic needs
    $45 and up

  • 246176908_1983985571770625_8479110016612414273_n.jpg
    Spa Pedicure                   the enhanced version
    $55 and up

  • 276058971_2097796313722883_5611287268757712256_n.jpg
    PodoSafe Pedicure a callus & cuticle refinement service
    $70 and up
  • 240530301_1942763409226175_3072641336366160053_n.jpg
    Customized Pedicure 1, 2 or 3

    When you have thicker toenails and/or more challenging calluses or cracked skin

    $65 and up
  • 276171409_2098994530269728_8182129786273183103_n.jpg
    Customized Pedicure 1, 2 or 3

    When you need just a little more care than the basics. Requires a consult.

    $65 and up
  • 276990988_2098994653603049_77736221127885652_n.jpg
    Certified Master Pedicure the complete foot analysis and care
    $120 and up

  • 243034059_1968671063302076_6773289581566448671_n.jpg
    Onyfix Nail Correction System

    The Onyfix nail correction system is a versatile and innovative product that enables completely painless treatment of almost all forms of involuted and ingrown toenails.

    $100 per nail
  • 156549314_1811629732339544_8762922923802214001_n (1).jpg
    Toenail Reconstruction

    LCN Barefoot toenail reconstruction for damaged toenails.Product is safe for skin contact and so flexible so as not to cause anymore trauma to nail.

    $50 per toenail

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